Nanyang's first enterprise in the "new three board" listing

At 9:30 am of 14th Apr, 2015, along with the bells ringing, Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is listed on national small and medium enterprises stock transfer system in Jinyang Building of Beijing Financial Street.

Quanyu Pharm (stock code: 832205) is the first company of Nanyang listed on new third board, and it is pioneering of Henan Pharmaceutical enterprise listed in new third board. It is a milestone in the development history of the company and it marks the construction and development of Nanyang multi-level capital market is making substantive progress, and it will lead more and more high growth small and medium sized enterprises to enter the capital market.

On the ceremony of listing, the Nexiang county head Yang Shuguang says, the successful being listed of Henan Quanyu is a big event of Neixiang economic society development. It realizes the  zero breakthrough of Neixiang, even Nanyang in the OTC capital market, and it sets a good example for the countys small and medium enterprises to speed up transformation development under the new situation, and also marks Neixiang county multi-level capital market system construction reaching a new stage.

It known as that, Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in Neixiang industrial cluster, which is a high and new tech enterprise, whose products including formulations, oral liquids, oral solutions, ointments, APIs and so on.

Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is the only enterprise in China which produces API zinc sulfadiazine, and it is one of the three enterprises in China which produce zinc sulfadiazine ointments, and it is the largest manufacturer in China which produces biochemistry drug mannatide.

The chairman Wang Feng says, the successful being listed in the stock market is helpful for enterprise to expand the financing channels, improve the management level, enhance competitiveness, expand awareness, and realize further development and expansion. As known, the new plant which covers 160,000 m2, with the total investment of 420 million yuan, is under construction, and scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. After then, the company can realize the output value 1 billion yuan, and profits tax 150million yuan.

The success of Quanyu pharmaceutical listed, is a beginning for Neixiang countys high-tech small and medium enterprises entering the "new third board". So far, the county has five companies directly or indirectly entering into the capital market.

(Sheng Jundong, Fan Cuihua, Cui Peng reported)

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