Henan Quanyu customer thanks meeting for successfully being listed on new third board

---- news conference and brand promotion


Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has been listed on the national small and medium enterprises stock transfer system. The stock code is 832205. It is the first enterprise in Nanyang which has been listed on the new third board, and it is also the first pharmaceutical enterprise in Henan province which has been listed on new third board successfully. On the same day, many famous media report this news such as Henan Daily, Nanyang Daily, Nanyang Wanbao, Xinhua net, Renmin net, Qinmin net and so on.

Henan Quanyu will hold a thanks celebration on 25th Apr, in order to show thanks for care and support of all the sectors of society and our partners. Sincerely invite you to take part in the event!

Time: 2pm, 25th Apr, 2015

Add: Jianye Forest Peninsula Holiday Hotel


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