Warmly celebrate: Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd listed on new third board stock market.

Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd holds the news conference and brand promotion meeting at Jianye Forest Peninsula Hotel on 25th Apr, 2015, with a large scale of more than one thousand people.

The meeting starts at 3pm and is conducted by Mr Zhang Yanjun and Ms Zhang Shuang who are main presenters of Nanyang TV. The chairman Mr Wang Feng makes a passionate speech in the meeting. He briefly introduces the development history of Henan Quanyu and looks forward to the future of the company. He believes the company will get victory after victory in the future if all the staffs work hard together.

The deputy county head of Neixiang County, Mr Zhou Huafeng, who is on behalf of Nexiang government, awards Henan Quanyu 1 billion yuan as a reward for being listed on stock market.


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